Last night a burger saved my life

The early morning following the night before, that night when you over-drink, over-dance, and now it turns out, over-estimate your culinary skills. The London Fire Brigade has sprung into action in defence of a surprising ally – takeaways (the slobbish, don’t cook yourself variety). The strategic insight behind this being that the “well-educated professional under-35s cause a quarter of accidental house fires in London, many after drinking during the evening”, and I hastily may add, make that male “well-educated professionals”. My experience of living with 3 boys at university, taught me that after “a big one”, a large wok filled with oil (purpose unknown) or the remnants of an egg shell would typically greet me in the kitchen, the culprit surfacing several hours later. In contrast, post-drinking the best impression of a chef I can master is toast, burnt around the edges.

The London Fire Brigade therefore created a pro-takeaway advertising campaign to curb the antics of the drunken wannabe masterchef and reduce fires caused by those forgotten pizzas. The only surprising factor is that this audience needed persuading in the first place.

The ads were created in-house by Chris Davies, and were placed across a range of London Underground stations including Bond Street, Tottenham Court Road and Holborn; in addition to featuring in Time Out, Metro and Facebook. The ads ran for three weeks over the Christmas and New Year period.

According to the London Fire Brigade, this pizza could have been a lot worse


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