A face for food

Sitting with my laptop post an unfortunately common post-graduation moment of reflection/unemployment – one of those unenviable moments when an event happens that really gets me thinking about where my life is heading. Sounds intoxicatingly mysterious, but it isn’t. Right now I can’t bring to words what is going on in the clouds, mud and broken mirrors, that metaphorically, constitute my head. Thus, let me introduce you to something that always cheers me up – LunchboxAwesome, a site that is as awesome as it says and includes 81 and counting food faces, all made by one mum who probably has no idea what effect these creations might have at school if unleashed. Lunchbox “swapsies” or tantrums in the playground are my guess.

They make me smile and feel hungry, so check them all out for a visual foodie binge. To assist you on this culinary experience, here are a few appetizers (and the odd character that you might recognise)-


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