Google Earth and the alphabet

I bet a few of you are wondering quite Google has to do with the alphabet. Has Marzipan and Marmite finally gone off the tracks? Not quite, but as a consequence of my goldfish-like short term memory, I had to post this before I forgot it or it got swallowed among the millions of hits that constitute Google.

The pictures are relatively self-explanatory, or at hopefully so for Rhett Dashwood‘s sake. Dashwood is the man who found them, an Australian graphic designer with clearly quite a bit of time on his hands… despite his insistence that he did it in his spare time instead of doing sudoko. According to him, the letters with diagonal lines meeting other lines were the most tricky to find, which largely explains why his ‘Z’ looks like one of my left-handed attempts to write. He achieved all this in 2009, which triggers a whole A-Z of questions about why I am only now aware of this. My Google Earth ignorance has been unmasked.

Although given the ups and downs of today – an inevitable feature of any Friday 13th, maybe I am just… (HINT this is a fill in the moment, lucky you!)


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