A time of anarchonomy

Anarchonomy – a concept so good that I wish that I had made it up myself. The term refers to a hybrid of anarchy and economy with the outcome that we have all become traders, the “consumer” in the traditional sense existing no more. All this refers to an interesting article that I read in the Wired concerning a talk that Future Laboratory‘s Chris Sanderson gave at Intelligence Squared’s If Conference. The talk sounded so interesting that I have decided to give you a summary of it myself.

Sanderson concluded that changes to geopolitics and how we communicate (hello social networking) have resulted in us all having something to sell – whether this is a pinch of gossip on Facebook, a dose of advice on Twitter or even a good old rant through blogging (yours truly). The overall outcome sounds startingly new, and also scaringly familiar (for those transitioning from university/home to the big, bad wide world) – he calls it “a period of transformation”; and I have to add, that for the Apple fans out there, this is not a good period.

Sanderson warns of an era of DIY and hacking – although not by Dell or Microsoft, but us – “the competitor set… who will come up with better ideas”. I’m going to be consistently waiting for one of these beauties to come into my head even if the method goes along the lines of copy and improve. Secondly, Sanderson describes a move towards more collaborative consumption and taking a generous approach to innovation, which admitedly sounds almost too good to be true, but well worth mentioning for his quote of Daniel Burrus alone –

“The best way to create ideas is to change the ones we have. Taking an abundant approach, rather than a scarcity approach, helps us all.”

A saying which I find comforting in its combination of change and experience, and with that piece of advice and a whole “period of transformation” to await, I say goodnight.


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