Making the grass greener

Picture this scenario – you are at Glastonbury, it is dark, foggy, muddy. Each and every tent looks the same – a field of dark green, blues and blacks. You embarrass yourself and some half-dressed inhabitants when your peep into the nearest “Halfords Escape”, and then your torch flitters and fails. Where the monkey is your tent?

Enter FieldCandy – a design-led brand of tents who believe that those pegs and waterproof flysheets should say something about those inside, with the added hope that you are an extrovert – as these tents are unmissable, a campsite feature in themselves.

I think this is the first time that the word “buy” has reared its debt-driven head into my blog – Marzipan and Marmite has always been about things I like (pieces of art and the like) rather than products I want to buy. I have never wanted to grab the attention of a brand for my role in selling the product for them (behold the power of blogging), but for FieldCandy I will make the exception and squeeze its fashion-fabulous tents into my pitch-site of a blog.

FieldCandy really do make the grass greener for camping with their colourful and original designs, and the injection of some sophisticated style substance into an sector known for its obsession with camouflage, unappetising meals and sleeping without showering. The company welcome a range of respected photographers, artists and designers to design the tents so this accounts for the diversity of styles on offer – enough it seems to even entice the non-camper (the cheese tent is irrestible). As such, bar their student-unfriendly prices (the cheapest tent is £265 and disappointingly black), FieldCandy has made me think the unthinkable.. and yearn for a tent.

Below are just a few of my favourites-


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