Posthumous posting

Today in the spirit of the Wikipedia black-out, I am going all morbid on you.

This post features a rather sinister new Facebook app called “If I die“. The app, perhaps rather self-explanatorily, allows users to post farewell messages and videos on their Facebook wall after they pass away. It works by the user crafting a goodbye (how you go about starting this I have no idea), with facebook friend “trustees” confirming their death after the terrible event, to the outcome of comments and “likes”, and presumably one content ghost.

Thus as if your friend dying was not bad enough, you now have to put up with a rush of post-funeral notifications. All, I believe, with the unfortunate consequence that you would probably end up feeling worse or disappointed in the event that the app fails to live up to any “if I die” expectations. The latter is largely considered the more likely scenario by the folk at AdWeek, who criticised the app for its tone of voice – a joke, quite rightly, considered a tad inappropriate; while “settling an old score” with your dead friend has me shaking to my bones.

What do you think?


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