Sex is no accident

You fall off a bike, your waterski cable breaks, you paraglide into a tree – bad day made even worse by the fact that you land on someone… in a rather sexually promiscuous position. In conclusion – use a condom at all times, sex without one = hugely erroneous.

This is the advice that the folk at MTV are suggesting with these humorous cartoons. Created by Grey Germany, they follow the agency’s previous line of print adverts which cheekily reminded viewers to use a condom at all times, unless you have a decent excuse not to. I like this subversive type of pre-warning because it tells you “don’t…” without nagging – cleverly tying into the youth-to-youth ethos of MTV, even as part of its ethical, socially-conscious commitments. In other words, Grey achieves Adland’s mission impossible by making what is essentially a teen-spoiler and STI-alert seem cool and contemporary; and pro-condom material university pinboard-friendly. Now all these kids need to do now is improve their rollerblading…


4 responses to “Sex is no accident

  1. Another set of cracking safe sex/condom ads, which is always a good thing. It’s nice to see safe sex being taken seriously, and being pushed by bother mainstream companies, and agencies.

    It appears that we’re both on a similar wavelength at the moment, as I mentioned the Durex Bunnies yesterday, which I think is another shining example of a good condom advert. Weird!

    • I think that it is such a difficult topic to get right that they deserve a post when they do! Have you seen this one?

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