Cut it out

Sadly this is another event which I wish I had made in person (bring on the time machine!), with blogging about it being the next best thing. The art in question is that of illustrator and graphic designer Noma Bar, who with his amazing die-cutting doggy machine, showcased a series of his exclusive screen prints at Outline Editions, while inviting a few lucky audience members to make their own – my envy knows no bounds.

A tail-waggingly cool printer

This unique occasion arose during London design week, where Bar’s work was, quite rightly, well-liked, and now wins more plaudits in the form a nomination for the Design Museum’s Designs of 2012. His work combines a generous re-use of materials – from hand made paper through to old album covers, rubber flooring, carpet and wood, which turn out looking fresh and distinctive (gone are the rough edges and a sense of mundane familiarity), topped with an ingenious deployment of negative space. The result is a captivating and inviting exhibition of visual whodunnits, what-is-its and surprise. The images remind me of a Freudian personality quiz as with each print, it takes a moment to spot the fierce cat or fountain pen nib – the use of colour and pattern just adding to this experience, instantaneously followed by a smug feeling of satisfaction that accompanies the appreciation of the cleanness of lines and form that is typical of Bar’s work.

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