Back to the start

It is funny how the older you get, the older the desire “to get back to basics” emerges. I already feel like an old woman in my frustrated efforts to ween myself off facebook or enjoy a walk in the park, courtesy of my walking cushion of a dog, rather than get stuck screen-gazing or find myself spending money unnecessarily. I find the whole concept of necessity intriguing and slightly beguiling after you question whether you really need that 5th pair of jeans, or whether x, y or z is worth the hassle. Sometimes just the time spent in consideration – precariously balanced between feeling guilty or momentarily satisfied, answers the question for you. However, I still remain open to the concept of simple living, even if my dependence on an occasional shopping splurge, an evening of TV or a stroke of mascara suggest otherwise.

Anyway, mind gush over. What I was eventually getting to is my affection for this video for Chipotle’s sustainable farming initiative, which in one ironic swoop makes me want a pig as a pet. For those not in know, Chipotle is a US restaurant chain of saliva-inducing Mexican dishes, with a further soil-friendly preference for sustainably grown ingredients and food ‘naturally raised with respect for the animals, the land, and the farmers who produce the food’. Aww bless. The Chipotle Cultivate Foundation therefore aims to raise awareness of sustainable farming, in addition to raising funds for sustainable agriculture, family farming, and culinary education – and from these good intentions and pesticide free soils, stems the stop motion video “Back to the Start”.

The video, directed by the animator Johnny Kelly and CAA Marketing, tells the heart-warming tale of a farmer who tries to do the best for his family farm by transforming it into an industrial animal factory (complete with dubious looking chemicals and a road-covered landscape), but then recognises the error of his ways and reverts to sustainable farming practices – much to the pride of his parents. Besides the stirring efforts of the farmer and his cute little pigs, the animation also works brilliantly to the music. Coldplay’s The Scientist, performded by country artist Willie Nelson, was an inspired choice and well worth the $0.99 payment on iTunes, with proceeds going towards the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation. Thus, while a tiny part of me questions the apparent ease with which this sustainable transformation takes place (sorry to bring a sorry note), the rest of the video is as feel-good as eating that perfect burrito.


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