News in the Ads #21

It is back again – my weekly, slightly belated and enthuisasm-stirring round-up of the goings-on and behind the scenes stories winding their way through Adland. This time though I am going to give it a musical spin – offering you the opportunity to listen to Oasis (“Don’t Look back in anger” – a fitting choice) while reading, and choosing a news selection with a musical/sound-concerned focus to please you ears as much as your eyes.

1) Cheryl Cole ditches the false eye-lashes in latest L’Oreal ad
L’Oreal Paris is launching an ad campaign (23 January) for its False Lash Telescopic mascara, featuring Cheryl Cole.

-> Rather unfortunately one of my favourite mascaras turns to one of my least female celebrities to front their latest campaigns – a celebrity ironically famed for her use of false eyelashes. However despite this, I rather like this larger-than-life, “off the scale” demonstration of Cheryl Cole’s kohl-rimmed eyes and camera-intense personality, even though her pirouettes and eyelid flutters are more likely to appeal to the men watching.

2) YouTube users stream four billion videos every day
YouTube, the Google-owned video-sharing site, is streaming four billion videos a day, with an hour’s worth of content being uploaded every second, according to data released by the company.

-> Each day more than one for every person on Earth, a video on youtube is watched – meaning that some people watch a hell of a lot of videos, although the average person spends just 15 minutes each day on the site. This streaming increase marks a 25% increase from 8 months ago. Even more staggeringly, 60 hours of video is uploaded to the site every minute, which makes you question how the good, eye-worthy footage gets found. To make more money from the site, Youtube is looking to pursue a $100 million program featuring celebrity channels from the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Amy Poehler and Shaquille O’Neal, to go live potentially this year.

3) ITV rapped over Tulisa Contostavlos perfume promotion
ITV1 has been rapped by broadcasting regulator Ofcom for promoting Tulisa Contostavlos’ perfume during an episode of ‘The Xtra Factor’, although ‘The X Factor’ judge’s “signature greeting” escaped censure.

-> Tulisa’s typical entrance to X-Factor of raising her arm up to her face in a smug, half-attempted salute used to bring groans in my household, so I am mildly annoyed that Ofcom did not stop her there full stop. However, the regulator have instead stated that ITV showed undue prominence to Tulisa’s perfume in breach of Rule 9.5 of the Broadcasting Code. In other words, Olly Murr’s questioning over why Contostavlos “was smelling so nice”, was all about “selling a message” rather than a harmless flirt.

4) Durex campaign promises to help couples get in sync
Durex, the condom brand owned by Reckitt Benckiser (RB), is launching a new social media and TV campaign to promote its latest product innovation, Performax Intense.

-> A new video for Durex by RSCG Europe, has two turntable playing Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s get this on” – one classically girly pink one going too slow, and the other (blue – you guessed it) going to fast. Eventually the two turntables become synchronomous – one happy ending, and one mutual climax. The message is well conveyed without a human, kiss or obscenity in sight; and will be supported by a Facebook game called ‘How in-sync are you?’ which is to launch before Valentines Day… how very romantic.

5) Absolut Vodka launches augmented reality app
Absolut Vodka is launching an iPhone and iPad app that uses augmented reality to take users on a tour of the drink’s Swedish home.

-> Strictly not music related but I love the brand Absolut Vodka so much that I had to put this in. The app has been created in partnership with digital agency Great Works. Consumers can scan the code from the neckhangers of bottles, or from the ‘Absolut Truths’ page of the website, to then embarkon a three-dimensional tour of Åhus, the village where the vodka is produced. From there they can explore the area and discover how the vodka is made, from the wheat fields to the distillery and the bottling plant – all focusing on Absolut as a product of a place and process, making it even more unique.


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