Satisfying the search engine

Unsurprisingly, given the name of this blog, I receive a lot of traffic for the word “marzipan”. My particular favourite search terms being “marzipan machinery”, “jokes about marzipan” and today’s highlight – “marzipan koala bear make”. No doubt, most of these marzipan-makers and cake bakers leave disappointed so, to truly make this blog as sugary sweet as its namesake (not marmite), I have trawled the web for the best marzipan finds. These slightly creepy babies made it to the top of my Google image cake –


One response to “Satisfying the search engine

  1. Hahaha tottaly loved the “marzipan koala bear make”.

    I get a lot of traffic from one of my posts called ” Best bathroom in the world” I guess they leave disappointed as well, as it’s a review about a restaurant :)

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