A good idea to a difficult question

You know those moments when you asked a question that you pause, for what feels like years… gulp, eventually manage to blurt out an unconvincing response, and then, worse of all, much later the ideal answer just hits you. Thwack! Why could you have not conjured up that answer before?

These kind of questions tend to include superlatives – “What is your favourite..?”, “Who is the best..?”. They are the kind of questions where you really have dig around the shadows of your memory to find something that might say something about you, or seem a worthy enough, intellectual(ish) sort of reply. A killer example of this type of interrogation is “What is the best idea that you have seen recently?”, which is enough to make even the most quick-witted of us go tongue-tied. It happened to me. This is what I should have said…

“I recently discovered the typeface dyslexiea font designed specifically for those with dyslexia to improve their reading. Each of the letters are made easier to distinguish, to stop readers mixing up or rotating letters- for example, letters are wider at the bottom and capital letters and punctuation are rendered bold to make sentences more clear. The whole concept therefore responds to the fact that dyslexics see things visually. I think the idea is clever as it acts as an aid to dyslexics and targets their problem uniquely and creatively rather than singling them out.”

But maybe then I would have sounded a little smug. Nevertheless, I suggest you check out the website of Studio Studio, who developed the idea, for more information, as well as this article in FastCompany which gives an even better answer… not that I am jealous.


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