Brought to life

There are adverts that let the brand down.
There are also those that achieve success – selling the brand, without selling out in the process.
And then there are those adverts that probably sell, but decry consumers’ expectations of the brand.

This advert for the Sun fall into the latter category. The reason? The advert is surprisingly classy. Defunct of the tabloid’s notorious puns, crude Page 3 references and laddish dialogue, this advert mirrors Rooney’s goosebump-ingly good goal by suggesting that the paper’s football analysis is equally as masterful. The melancholic piano notes and Venables’ concise and somewhat soothing narrative strikes me as more Match of the Day at tea-time. The real goal of the advert is therefore at its end – when, against the bookies’ odds, the Sun logo scores against its famous red backdrop. Surprise.

The thing is that I really do like this advert – I particularly love how Richard Swarbrick‘s animation effectively captures the fluidity and movement of the ‘beautiful game’. Similarly, I admire WCRS&Co’s strategy to “breathe life” into the campaign, as essentially that is what football is all about – the daily conversations that it triggers, the weekends of matchday traffic it causes and the passions that it ignites. But despite all this, I can’t help thinking that this advert isn’t about the Sun at all. This football armageddon of an advert from 2007 is much more like it –


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