Placating the resistance

Living in West London, Heathrow airport is considered the enemy.
“Not another runway” is the local battle cry. Ironically the Land Rover is the ‘tank’ of choice, and truly green victories are met by the masses of orange bin bags – recycling rules.

However, imagine if I showed the runway resistance these charming screenprints by Jerome Daksiewicz of NOMO Design… I don’t think that they would surrender their cause, but they might well buy one and nail it to their new kitchen extension – thereby igniting Heathrow tactics over the weekly coffee morning.


3 responses to “Placating the resistance

  1. But isn’t the LHR design rather behind the times.

    I’d hate to see anything try to use the cross runway these days ( haven’t bits of it been covered by the Heathrow East development ?)

    And I suspect more concrete has been poured (or soon will be) to get Terminal 5 to operate properly.

    • Hi Tim,

      Completely agree with you – Heathrow is operating at capacity and something does need to be done about it. These illustrations alone just show how comparatively small Heathrow is. I am just pointing out that West Londoners typically have a not-in-my-backyard attitude to its development, without fully appreciating the benefits that it could offer.

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