The Bike Doctor

Just a quick post as having one of ‘those days’ – the kind where “5 buses do come at once”, and I just want to avoid future decision-making by running of to Timbuktu. A long week perched in front of my computer has clearly thawed a few brain cells and worringly given me back ache at 23 years young.

Anyway, this mood of indecisiveness runs quite neatly into the subject of this post – this pro-awareness ‘Bike Doctor’ campaign by Beautiful World. Beautiful World are the good guys in the “mad bad world” of advertising, as they are a specialist fundraising, marketing and communications agency that devotes their time to any organisation “that wants to do the world some good” – a rather morally-virtuous new business policy.

For Bike Doctor, a brand new social enterprise that offers London’s first and only professional cycle mechanic training programme, Beautiful World were given the objective of recruiting more trainee mechanics. A tricky case as cyclists often refuse to anticipate the problem of their bike breaking (“it will never happen to me”), so encouraging this group to go fix-it seems even more challenging. Beautiful World’s solution was to play the law card, and shock cyclists into recognising their inner-mechanic. A simple, but effective idea with the wheels to develop further.

1) Create semi-official signs.

2) Put them on ‘found’ or strategically placed bike wrecks around the area.


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