Off the wall

It’s off the wall” is one of my favourite expressions – it’s slighty 90s and nonsensical when you really think about it, but also as bonkers and outlandish as what it typically refers to. This music video is a case in point. It is the latest single from French electro pop artist Yuksek’s second album ‘Living Life on The Edge of Time’ and is full of “infectious electro beats and optimistic pop choruses perfect to get you pumped” (not my words clearly). However, it is the visuals of the video that really intrigue me – a contorting and distorting mix of hands, elbows, giant eyes and musical instruments that made me re-evaluate my body parts (do my hands really look like that?!).

The video was directed by Romain Segaud (of SoLab) and has already notched up an roof-raising 132,021 hits on Youtube since it was released just over a week ago (22nd February). I liked it for its accomplished effort to distinguish itself among a conveyor-belt of indie-wannabe music videos – the kind where the artist sings and strolls their way through an East London-esque landscape. Without a pair of Nike high-tops or pouty lipstick-stained mouth in sight, this video makes a refreshing alternative. It is all about the mirror and craft of some scissors and paper – how very “off the wall”.


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