News in the Ads #24

Increasingly sporadic, but hopefully consistently enlightening, here is my 24th gift of communication news to you –

1) Rolex, Coca-Cola and Google top Consumer Superbrands of 2012
Rolex, the luxury watch brand, has topped the Consumer Superbrands 2012 index for the first time, leaving Coca-Cola and Google at second and third place, respectively.

-> I think that if I was a brand being a Rolex would not be too bad – timely, precise, expensive and now top of Consumer Superbrands 2012 (a list chosen from an independent survey of more than 2,000 people, administered by The Centre for Brand Analysis). The list uncovered a few surprises – Microsoft was magnaminous by its absence from the top 10 (at 45 instead), while Facebook beat Twitter to enter the chart at 35. Quientessentially British brands like John Lewis, the BBC and M&S proved strong – all appearing in the top 20, thereby confirming that they deliver the “quality and excellence” which maketh a brand super.

2) Molson Coors launches Animée campaign for ‘crucial’ female market
Molson Coors, the beer company and distributor behind Grolsch and Carling, has launched a below-the-line marketing drive for its Animée brand, said to target the “crucial” female sector, with sampling activity across supermarkets and a partnership with hair salon brand Toni & Guy.

-> Say hello to hairdressing and… beer? In an attempt to promote its beer range targeted exclusively at women, Molson Coors has launched a 15-week experiential campaign created by Sense Marketing, to run alongside a four-week sampling campaign in Tesco stores across London, the South-East and the Midlands; and later Morrisons. The activity uses the brand messaging, ‘Hurray For Animée’ (oh god), with the experiential campaign to involve up to 400 bars across the UK being given Animée-themed makeovers (I imagine a very pink and girly transformation). The brand has also partnered with hair salon brand Toni & Guy, to run the sampling campaign across 100 salons. My conclusion? TOWIE stereotype comes to mind.

3) Hollywood backs first Breast Cancer Care campaign
Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman and music mogul Simon Cowell have thrown their weight behind Breast Cancer Care’s first major advertising campaign.

-> Admittedly I find this M&C Saatchi campaign for breast cancer very moving as it pledges to support “the woman behind the cancer” so I am glad that the cause is getting the celebrity recognition that it deserves. The campaign is a more hard-hitting approach and illustrates that behind every breast cancer diagnosis is a real woman with emotional and practical support needs. The pill as a tear drop was my moment of emotional upheaval, so I too am grateful for Simon’s support!

4) Brands attempt to target ‘social influencers’ with PeerIndex service
Deezer and are among the first brands attempting to reach ‘social media influencers’ with the new social media targeting service from PeerIndex, the social influence company.

-> Imagine being awarded for your Facebook procrastination, being given a free test drive of a Mercedes if you tweet a lot about cars? Well PeerIndex works something like that, the catch being that you need to be “influential”. Like Klout, the PeerPerks service is quite hazy about the details but it essentially ranks people’s influence on certain subjects in social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, enabling brands to target them with money-off deals and free products. Thus Deezer, the digital music service, is offering free music subscriptions, while is offering unlimited music and photo stories. The idea is that the brand can market its product to a targeted audience using the kudos and power of the so-called influencer. My only concern is that while I do trust the recommendations of my friends, I might do so less if I am aware of their altruistic motive.

5) Angry Birds to open official theme park
Angry Birds, the digital game, is set to become a physical attraction as the game’s owner, Rovio, prepares to launch a branded theme park in Finland.

-> Having finally completed all the levels in Angry Birds, I could not resist blogging about this latest addition to the Angry Birds franchise. The theme park follows Rovio’s, the entertainment media company behind Angry Birds, take over of Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Tampere, Finland – the country where the game was created. Their is currently no official opening date but previews (to keep you in suspense) are available on their facebook page. My predictions are a mining-themed rollercoaster, a lot of shoot the pig arcade games, and a swing ride shaped like a catapult.


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