Hare Krishna, Hare 2-for-1

There are two places in London where I have been greeted by an overt sense of spirituality/religion – in apparent contrast to the pointed elbows and disgruntled looks going on around them. The first of these surprise appearances takes place outside Fulham Broadway on a matchday, with a man resorting to praying outside the grounds of Chelsea FC, his banner of “God welcomes you” (or such like) oddly out of place among the blue and white scarves, ‘Lampards’ and ‘Terrys’.

The second unlikely spiritual predicament occurs on Oxford Street where the singing and brightly clothed Hare Krishna chorus nestle in amongst the shoppers. The latter chance meeting very often happening at the crossroads, where (woe betide) there is no escaping those orange gowns. In these rare instances, where pedestrian traffic trickles to a stop and your earphones are out, and your hands are weary from lugging bags from the Primark-Topshop route of W1, your ears and eyes become truly open to the cymbols, repetitive chants and smiles of the Westend’s finest Hare crew. This, according to the Ideas Brothers blog, is what you might hear if you are listening hard enough…

I like it because it shows just how contextual communication can and should be. It also toys at what makes the Hare Krishna smile… a bit of kerching towards their love to sing.


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