The GIF that keeps on giving

One of the fascinations of the “big, wide web” is its intangibility, its sense of surprise. I post something, watch something, share something and at the same time have little understanding of how my typed ‘x’ transforms into a flashy online ‘y’. My colleague dropped the hint that coding is the future – “if bored try Code Academy …” his latest email insisted. I did and it is hard. The creation of content from codes and java seems light years away from writing and admiring your calligraphy, or developing your instant camera in Snappy Snaps. Despite being ‘social media savvy’ and part of the computer-wedded generation Y, there is an alarming disconnect between how I use the internet and how much I understand it – even, I confess (with a blogging blush radiating over my Vitamin D deficient complexion), seems a tad too complicated.

GIFs represent something similar – a partially moving, repetitive still image appearing “oh so simple”, but in reality disconcertingly tricky to compute. Here I welcome the “geek” – in my opinion, the most upwardly mobile social group of today, with the tech know-how to impress rather than digress (into the pits of the library’s IT section). Geek is the new chic in more ways than braces, tweed and over-sized glasses. A thorough understanding of technology has the capability to grasp new trends, deliver fresh ways of thinking and delineate information into digestable chunks. The geek is the new martyr of our generation, not just a sympathetic voice at the end of IT support… watch and learn.


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