It is funny what you find amusing on a Friday evening when you return, sleepy-eyed, from work – your evening plans stuck at cooking pork chops for your dad and brother… my use of the second person here desperately trying to cloud the fact that this is in fact me (for one week only!) and flying babies make the cut of my daily blog post.

The photos are by Rachel Hulin, a photographer based in New York City and Providence, RI (where-ever that may be) and I discovered her work on an inspired procrastination web trawl to Cuarto Derecha, a Spanish treasure-trove of fascinating online finds. The photos appealed to me in their power to provoke a mixed reaction – I first laughed, then became slightly creeped out (the Exorcist oddly sprung to mind), before finally falling into a mode of over-analysis trying to work out what Hulin’s message is. As it turns out there is little deeper meaning – Hulin created the photos of her son Henry out of boredom on an assignment. She describes the photos as a sort of “litmus test” in provoking different responses, so with the experiment started – what are your thoughts on a baby in flight?

Hotel flying

Dune flight

Sink flight

Flight of the scholar

Hall flight

The new human flies


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