Score here

Tying my love and over-exploitation of arrows (I write so slowly that the arrow is a useful way of cutting down on words) with my admiration for Creative Review’s superior taste, these images had to make their way onto one of my posts.

The photos show crowd-sourced content in action, or rather a frustrated-fans reaction to their football team’s run of poor form – FC Magdeburg having not scored in their five games, and the stands subsequently looking distressingly empty. As a result, the remaining hard-core contingent of Magdeburg supporters resorted to creating arrows pointing towards the goal posts. This perhaps can be construed as their players needing help to even identify their opposition’s net – one banner even bore the less-than-praiseworthy legend “we will show you where the goal is”, but the thought and novelty of the idea is “premier league” or, as they say in football, “has a nice finish”.

Unfortunately, the idea worked a little too well – FC Magdeburg scored but so did their opponents. Intrigued by the moveable and eye-opening graphics, BAK won 2-1. If only the arrows had been pointing skyward.


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