The power of small

Small is my Mr Big. As I have grown older, I have become increasingly fastidious about the tiniest details, and the extra-special presents have come in the smallest, preferably sky blue, boxes.. Plus I have embraced my petite frame as a means to join the busiest tube carriages and wear short skirts without worrying. Alongside shrinking and more efficient gadgets, being small and proud has taken on a new significance. And at 5 foot 4, this is not the bitter warcry of a soul suffering from “small person syndrome”, I just happen to believe in the adequacy of small gestures, and the success of achieving something on a small scale – Slinkachu’s ‘The Little People’ being a case in point (and my 4th most read blog post). As such, today’s post celebrates the power in miniature by showcasing the artist, Dalton Ghetti‘s pencil-point art.

If “seeing is believing”, it would take a microscope to examine Dalton’s art. However, it is the fact that the Dalton’s work exists at all that I find particularly unbelievable. Created out of the graphite of a pencil (yes that tiny mass of lead), Dalton uses a razor blade, sewing needle, sculpting knife and some very steady hands and hawk-eyed eyesight to carve his unique art. It took me a while to adjust to the fact that those are normal pencils, and the images are taken through a close-up zoom. Realization over and I am left impressed – the miniscule scale of Dalton’s work creating admiration and incredulity where big just leaves shadows… and on that deep and meandering thought, I wish you good evening.


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