One letter is all it takes

An advert that is short and to the point I like. Although, not because it is simple and minimises my finger exercise for the day (i.e. typing) but because it illustrates something that my chatter, waffle and occasional critique fails to achieve – clarity. And this is not me simply being self-deprecating, instead I use the word clarity in the sense of a “picture telling a thousand words”, an image resonating and triggering a kind of awe-struck awareness and understanding in a way that I could only hope to achieve with this blog… Readers I give you Ogilvy.

Ogilvy Sao Paulo produced this work for Claro, who are a wireless telecommunications service provider in Brazil (thank you Wikipedia). A fact that I find interesting in itself, given that this advert persuade people not to text, at least while driving – somehow I cannot imagine the resolutely ‘British’ T-Mobile, the power-bestowing Vodafone or future-optimistic Orange doing the same here. The role instead replaced by the government or public services – this clever example by Tower Hamlets being a case in point. However, I think the work is best appreciated with a few long stares and squints (the copy incidentally says “one letter is all it takes, don’t text and drive”), so I will leave you in peace.
Good night.


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