Almost Extinct

365 days in a year.
Each day is marked by an animal.
Ergo every year 365 animals face the prospect of extinction.

This is the hard-hitting logic from the Chase who created a calendar for the BBC Wildlife Fund. The BBC Wildlife Fund raise awareness and funds to save threatened wildlife and places around the world; and the Chase were invited to strengthen this cause. The challenge thereby lying in the unfortunate fact that while some furry or feathered friend may be dying, getting an recession-hit audience to identify with and invest in this distant cause required, at the very least, an idea with wings.

Hail to the calendar. Sent out on January the 1st (with a red pen), the calendar prompted the recipient to cross out a different species everyday of the year – that satisfactory cross of day’s work done, tarnished by a further sense of closure – a Livingstone Fruit Bat hanging from its cave one last time. Perhaps slightly morbid, but at the same time symbolic, ‘Almost Extinct’ successfully reminded viewers of the fragility of the world’s biodiversity systems, whilst also directly showing the effect mankind is having on the planet. All this meaning that by time New Year’s Eve crops up, the animal kingdom will be a 365 creatures down. A happy thought when you are cracking open those bottles of champagne…

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One response to “Almost Extinct

  1. Wow, that’s a really interesting idea. Really thought provoking. I was at the zoo the other day, and it always surprises me how many of the animals are on the endangered species list, or don’t exist anywhere besides zoos. It’s incredible.

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