News in the Ads #27

As news-worthy as hot frosted cupcakes and as trendy as the latest pair of Nike high-tops, here is your round-up of the top 4 stories gracing Adland and communications this past week.

1) BBC prepares Olympic Torch ad campaign with Elbow soundtrack

Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R has created the BBC’s Olympics campaign for the torch relay, using Elbow’s ‘First Steps’ in the creative, to showcase the national broadcaster’s coverage of the event.

-> A little like the Coca-Cola Christmas advert, this is a sign that the Olympics are getting closer with the effect that I am that teeny-weeny bit more excited – the beautiful graphics helping. The advert broke on 1st May across the BBC1 & BBC3 and features a graphic motif image of the Olympic Torch, with the 8,000 holes within the design each representing an individual torchbearer. Rather predictably the advert then shows the dots joining together  (think buzz words of collaboration and diversity…) to create the image of the torch, which then miraculously transforms into different images of landscapes, athletes and celebrations for the torch relay. Although it has a touch of Star Wars to it and it reminds me a lot of the latest Honda ad, I like it.

2) Unilever campaign celebrates feet, the ‘unsung heroes’

Unilever has rolled out an ad for its new foot deodorant, Rexona Efficient (known as Sure in the UK), in a bid to tell the story of feet, the body’s “unsung heroes”.

-> Now let’s talk about feet… officially one of my new favourite adverts, but toeing the line on being this week’s big news, this new ad by by Lowe and Partners agency Ponce Buenos Aires shows how hard-working feet can be. I like how it presents feet as the unappreciated bodypart that seeks neither fame or fortune. You almost feel sorry for your tired soles, until you realize that the ad is trying to sell you foot deodorant. Surely feet deserve more?! The advert is currently on air in Brazil and likely to launch in the UK later.

3) Lurpak and Last.Fm launch music selector for cooks

Lurpak, the Arla-owned butter brand, has partnered with Last.Fm to create the Foodbeats tool, which recommends music to listen to while cooking.

-> I find that music eases the fraught multi-tasking that I often associate with cooking – humming while the potatoes boil making that process that bit more enjoyable. As such, I applaud this genius media partnership and effective use of technology. Foodbeats is a tool created by digital agency Outside Line, which launched on 30th April. It uses Last.Fm’s music discovery “scrobbling” technology, to create a personalised music playlist via a standalone site – here’s to hoping that this cuisine-inspired playlist is sufficiently chilled…

4) Lego recruits Ben Fogle as first celebrity ‘face’ of brand 

Lego has appointed presenter and adventurer Ben Fogle as the first celebrity face of its toy ranges in the UK.

   -> Ben Fogle once ignored my dog as a judge at a charity dog show and, suffice to say, I am not his greatest fan. So let’s hope children do not feel the same way. Fogle will front Lego’s ‘The Great Forest Escape’ social media campaign for the rest of the year to promote the brand’s latest range of products. He was chosen for his reputation as an adventurer, which he has created through expeditions including trekking to the South Pole with Olympic gold medallist James Cracknell. How very Lego…

5) M&S launches recycling initiative fronted by Joanna Lumley 

Marks & Spencer is launching a fashion initiative in partnership with Oxfam, fronted by Joanna Lumley, which is designed to encourage customers to recycle unwanted clothing.

-> As part of M&S’s corporate social responsibility, the retailer are launching The M&S Shwopping campaign. Rather thoughtfully, M&S believes the campaign can help change customer buying habits and protect the environment through the revaluation of old clothes. The initiative was launched on 26th April, with a stunt in which the historic Truman Brewery building in East London was covered in clothes to highlight the amount thrown into UK landfill every five minutes of every day. Shockingly, there are approximately one billion garments thrown away every year in the UK. So “think M&S” before you chuck those old jeans away as M&S will be asking for these at the tills – replacing the old with the new. 


2 responses to “News in the Ads #27

  1. Yep, anything connected with the BBC is a box-ticking diversity-fest. I honestly don’t think people care that much about this stuff. It’s just the BBC getting offended on behalf of other people.

    Fingers crossed all goes well for the Olympics. I’m sure it’ll be a triumph….once the people who have been kicked out of their London flats have found new homes.


    “…there are approximately one billion garments thrown away every year in the UK…”

    How on earth do they know this?!

    Here in Germany there are clothes banks by some bus stops. What a great idea!!! Unwanted shoes and clothes just go in the bank. Brilliant. I’ve seen it in England, but not on this scale.

    Really enjoying your blog. Sorry for the moan :)

  2. No moan, rather a good point – I hate how many article use statistics without quoting their sources (if any..!). But on a positive note – that clothes bank idea sounds great. Clothes recycling is getting better here but I don’t think that the idea has mass appeal yet unfortunately. Very much a nation of hoarders!

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