A fruit and veg profile

“Here’s something for you to try later…”

Probably my first post to start with those ill-fated words, and a optomistic opener at that – the “something” referring to Giusuppe Arcimboldo’s nature-derived masterpieces. Perhaps ironically I discovered his art trawling through the bathwater-damp pages of my National Geographic, and to paraphase the journalist, Klaus Enrique, I found his images arresting. Carrots replacing noses and tree branches resembling necks making me want to garden and play with my food at the same time – in other words “maketh as good” as he paints. I like how his work gives traditional portraiture an apple-cheeky twist uplift as well as an organic feel-good glow. Artwork, like these more child-friendly lunch boxesbest avoided when you are hungry…

The Vegetable Gardener, circa 1590

Spring, 1573


Winter, 1573



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