One line less

One of the challenges of working in advertising and media is selling something that you, in all likelihood, would not buy. Often, I find this makes the planning process more fascinating as you imagine the product from another perspective, while becoming overtly optomistic about its new and unforeseen charms. As such, there ultimately comes the point where a great campaign is built around a less lovely product, and I find myself gushing and applauding inexplicably, or defending another car ad against my brother’s Top Gear-contrived criticism. Welcome to my inner ad-geek.

These print ads by Voskhod are exemplar of this curious profession-induced irrationality. Well-thought copy, clean and effectively simple graphics and no botox or airbrushed face in sight maketh a plus. I smile appreciatively as I inspect my Russian compatriot’s work. But, lurking in the corner, “J’eternel Fast Wrinkle Removal” catches my eye, and before I know it, my inner-cynic has spoken – “do not buy”. The tricks of my trade do not make one a shopper…


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