Tattooed trotters

The ratio of 1:9 is about the amount of time I devote to constructive criticism (or more likely – raging) on this blog in comparison to my slightly in awe “songs of praise”/homage to the arts and design. It seems that by the time I manoeuvre my brain off its distracted, pre-dinner course, only positives spring to mind. This is in spite of this blog, in theory, tackling subjects that create a marmite/marzipan type of extreme emotion. Indifference and monotony being my literary antithesis. As such, it is clear that I find writing about content that I dislike difficult, the challenge of producing a convincing counter-argument poorly met by my post-work, tired self. However, today I attempt otherwise, putting my writing ‘snout’ on the line (quite literally) for the sake of a few pigs in China.

I found the ‘art’ of Xin Zhuang Zi completely by accident while browsing on the rather unusual website of “Wim City” – a Farmville-like collection of buildings housing the links to various artists, of which the quaint ‘Wizard of Oz’ style barn captured my attention. Welcome to Art Farmwhere pigs have tattoos. The site showcases, in varying degrees of horror – “live pigs with tattoos”, “tattooed pigskins” and “stuffed tattoed pigs”, which I could only squeal and grunt over before quickly changing tabs. However, putting my love for animals aside (and how could anyone do that to animal?), Zhuang Zi’s ‘artwork’ raises some interesting questions. The first being – how is this art? Do the tattooed pigs represent a statement about image, or the ideology behind getting a tattoo? Or is this all some sinister scientific experiment to test how the pigs might react to getting inked? Irregardless, Xin Zhuang Zi’s work triggers enough anger in me to blog about it, which alongside pigs portraying the latest in garish Louis Vuitton pen art, is a rare event in itself.


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