The female networker

Sometimes I find my profession inherently creepy – researching peoples’ favourite celebrities or calculating “a day in the life of… ” to establish the best way to interact and engage with certain audiences. However, this week I experienced a moment of personal revelation when I realised how much technology means to me. This consisted of two not-so-momentous events – the first being a scary, over-priced e-bill for my phone (suggesting that I have a spiralling internet-on-the-go obsession) and the second was a Friday morning internet outage at work. In both cases, I felt an alarming sense of crisis as I pondered what to do. In other words, the web pervades my work and movements in a way that it never did; and as a young, female ‘professional’, being online and ‘connected’ is an integral part of my lifestyle.

This brings me to this post’s main point – the web has become a place where women rule. As this fascinating infographic by Information is Beautiful demonstrates, social networks are characteristically female. Twitter and Facebook both show a female gender bias, and although the figures for monthly visitors seem a bit dodgy (Myspace topping Facebook for example), this news does not surprise me. All my girlfriends use social networks as a means of catching up on daily gossip, seeing what has recently happened to Harry or who met up with Guy. This is largely alien to most of the men that I know, who would either not care less or would rather discuss it over a pint.

Welcome to the modern matriarchy –


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