Entering the vortex

I am both indecisive and impatient – the resulting combo being a bit of curse as I find myself constantly plagued and enticed by an ever-expanding list of things to do/get done. Usually my indecisiveness stems from a naive belief that most options sound great (they usually aren’t) and a struggle to calculate which choice I will remember the most. The animations and videos of Melbourne based artist, illustrator and motion designer, Benjamin Ducroz are a case in point; with the outcome that I find myself deliberating which videos to insert here, or how many I cram in*. Yes I love them that much, or rather I am entranced by them. Ducroz’ work has a hypnotic quality, which makes it difficult not to stare at the screen, or in my case, keep my mouth shut.

Benjamin Ducroz Strings

In his bio, Ducroz describes himself as “inspired by the forms, patterns, and movement found in nature and the built environment”, which thankfully seems true to the content. The videos have a musicality to them as they consist of dynamic, rapidly transforming scenes (the equivalent of the musical quaver) beset with a geometric shape making up the constant (the semibreve equivalent). In otherwords, Ducroz’ blend of stop motion animation and computer graphics delivers an artistic story/journey – the ending unknown. The tension between the shapes, patterns and movements does make me feel slightly like I have entered a vortex on Doctor Who, but the sensation is an agreeable one. I would almost recommend a full screen Ducroz experience armed with a G&T and a pair of 3D glasses, but I will leave that option up to you.

*p.s. I chose three (see Vimeo for more)…


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