Chavs, Twitter and the USA

It occasionally surprises me how quickly I succumbed to blogging, and how my mishaps, misapprehensions and mutterings became instantly “bloggable” – a term that still (oddly) makes me shudder. However, blogging has satisfied my appetite for news and stories in a manner akin to a post-christmas stomach bulge – I gobble personal trivia, tips and suggestions rather too nourishly. The blogging binge.

On a M&M note (meaning this blog, rather than (alas) the sweets) blogging has revealed some alarming home truths. It has ignited my planner mindset as I have set to uncover trends and audience insights that befall my humble ramblings; or perhaps more honestly, having a blog has just enabled me to be my horribly nosey (or more kindly – inquisitive) self. However to get down to business, 3 surprising findings have emerged –

1) Google has bestowed on this blog the honour of being the face of chavs. Rather oddly a photo that I squeezed in August 2011 to illustrate the changed brand direction of Burberry now reports the highest number of impressions on Google Webmaster – “chav boy” and “fat chav” scoring particularly highly. Somewhat depressingly, the term “homeless signs” also featured in the top five.

2) I am too wordy for 140 characters. My number of followers on Twitter is now vastily outnumbered by the lovely you – suggesting that WordPress readers have superior taste… or being concise and informative fails me.

3) God bless America. A closely-fought battle for the number of blog views by country is undergoing between America and the UK. Considering that I am from the UK and monopolise my posts with London observations, the underdog, decked in stars and stripes, is getting a virtual high-five from me.

3.5) To add a final half-point and show off my new favourite web toy, I give to you my Wordle. A typographic, visual depiction of this blog – it gives a sense of what I have been attempting to say all along, in a much cooler manner.

The Wordle for Marzipan and Marmite


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