Money goes in, pizza comes out

A short post, but nevertheless a subject worthy of a mention – the pizza vending machine.

Let's Pizza's new vending machine

This praise-worthy device is launching in America this year by the company Let’s Pizza. It consists of an infrared oven that allows users to choose from a selection of toppings to add to some presumably less doughy base (no Pizza Express!). $6 dollars and some desperate, hunger-fuelled attacks on the buttons marked “pepperoni” and “mozzarella” later, hey presto – a 10.5-inch and personalised dinner is served.

However, details over, what really intrigues me is the mechanics of how the pizza is retrieved. Grabbing a tomato and cheese encrusted relish from the vending slot immediately sounds quite a messy affair. Plus given the law of toast (one drop and it is always butter side down), the promise of keeping a pizza on the straight and horizontal narrow seems a challenge. Nevertheless the vending machine continues to impress, and seems one promising step closer to the vending machine of everything


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