Try to contain your excitement

Picture arriving back from holiday – sunshine glow already diminished following the harsh British Airways aircon, and unlocking the front door. Shrieking the squeakiest “I am back!”, your dog runs onto the scene -tail-wagging, nearly snorting with excitement, a small puddle emerges… this is essentially the latest Harvey Nichols advert in practice, and also how I feel (mildly exagerrated) to be back blogging. Lovely readers, to paraphrase the words from a few brave copywriters at DDB, please contain your excitement and accept my apologies for neglecting Marzipan and Marmite for the past week.

For those unfamiliar with the latest print adverts for the British department store, they feature images of men and women apparently wetting themselves with excitement over the prospect of the store’s sale. In other words, this Pretty Women-inspired campaign employs toilet humour to increase sales of clothes that are potentially more expensive than the price of said toilet.

Model with a wet patch for Harvey Nichols

"Too excited" - the latest campaign by DDB for Harvey Nichols

However, it is also refreshing to see a clothing store with a sense of humour and, perhaps in a slightly more malicious way, to demand more from your size zero model. The latter who interestingly continues to strike a pose and powerful Chanel-tinted pout, despite the growing wet patch ‘downstairs’. Ultimately, I think that it is this mix of high fashion and bodily humour that makes the campaign so unusual. Provocative and “mildly offensive” perhaps – the Times and the Metro chose to include an unwatered/photoshopped version in their publications, but the adverts are at the very least memorable, generating plenty of online buzz and PR alongside their release. Do you like the adverts? Release your excitement or annoyance at the inexcusable “wet yourself” spin-off via my poll… Although head to the sales first if needs require.


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