Rekindling Venus

It is no coincidence that this Friday’s post induces a sleepy hypnotic state – my eyes are closing as I type this. Nevertheless don’t let this serenity and my subsequent escape to bed detract you from this unique glimpse into our planet’s marine life.

The video is a trailer to the film “Coral: Rekindling Venus“, which is the glorious outcome of 5 years’ work by the artist Lynette Wallworth – featuring remarkable footage from the underwater alien world of coral reefs. Somehow she makes coral look as transfixing on screen as the real thing, with the added bonus of not wearing a steamy mask and snorkel, and avoiding that unflattering wetsuit look. However, more importantly the film is a timely reminder of the amazing biodiversity we would lose with even a tiny change in sea temperatures; so without much ado – watch, learn and love (dubious trance music optional).

A magical still shot from Lynette Wallworth's film 'Coral: Rekindling Venus'


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