News in the Ads #29

The transition from ‘news in communications’ becoming part of my daily work partially accounts for the declining frequency of these industry-related posts. Nevertheless, here is the top 5 happenings that caught my eye, ears and wavering attention in the past week –

1) Abercrombie’s torso-tastic, cringey but mesmerising video

->A video featuring Abercrombie’s famous, bare-torso “talent” taking a trip around famous world landmarks while lip-syncing a pop hit (now made even worse), has been viewed almost six million times since it was published nearly two weeks ago – making it last week’s most viral video, and definitely its most cheesy. The ad was created in-house and has generated 9,500 comments and 320 blog posts, while being shared nearly half a million times. The worse bit is that the boys (I mean men…) look like they are enjoying themselves.

2) Gatwick Express ‘Express tracks’ by VCCP
Gatwick Express has launched “Express tracks”, a selection of bespoke musical compositions that provide the soundtrack to a passenger’s journey free when customers buy their tickets at

-> I rather like this for its novelty and as a concept as it opens up the possibility of offering customers music based on their Facebook likes or Spotify playlists. However, as it currently stands, Gatwick Express provide online customers with exclusive 30 minute tracks inspired by the train’s route, which could be interesting… their website however is very cool.

3) The Queen shares her view on football

-> Paddy Power has enlisted her majesty as a spokesperson through the power of technology and a standard £10 note. Customers who download the app can blip any £10 note to see an animated HRM sharing her views on penalties, goals and any yellow-carded controversy. The content will be randomised and refreshed daily so you will see something new each time you use the app. The only thing that irritates me is the accent, which sounds alarmingly male.

4) Air New Zealand safety video features Snoop Dogg and Obama
Air New Zealand has launched a humorous in-flight safety video featuring animations of American and international celebrities, including Barack Obama and Snoop Dogg.

n-> This blog’s most mentioned airline has racked up another worthy PR stunt by launching another quirky safety video. The safety information is explained by animated versions of Modern Family‘s Ed O’Neill and New Zealand born actress Melanie Lynskey, from Up in the Air and Two and a Half Men. The airline are encouraging conversations about the sketch, with the video on YouTube featuring the hashtag #airnz. The video was uploaded yesterday on 20th June and already has over 1.25M views.

5) Kerry Foods self-censors ads after bum outrage
Kerry Foods has cut the scene featuring a farmer’s bottom from its controversial “as nature intended” ad for Richmond Ham product after a deluge of complaints.

Kerry Food's farmer reveals all

-> To end this post on a bit of a bum note, Kerry Foods have been forced to retract their original ad after a farmer’s bottom was deemed too controversial. My thoughts are that it could have been a lot worse…


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