Need a break?

I hate to start a post on a moan, but the lack of sun/heat demands that I do so. Put frankly, I need a holiday – the novelty of starting my first proper job beginning to sour under some persistent English clouds and a computer-tied timetable. Obviously, I am not alone in my distress, or more truthly disgruntlement/envy of anyone with a sun-tan, and this is something that Kit Kat have capitalised on in Mexico.

The Nestle brand ran an outdoor campaign calling on passerbys to chill out – at least it did so visually, as there were no words. Instead, a broken smartphone (looking a lot like my old, actually broken, Blackberry) and splintered desk feature in a manner suggestive, unsurprisingly, of a ready-to-be-gobbled Kit Kat. The famous tagline “have a break, have a Kit Kat” ensured that the destruction evident in the creative needed no explanation. Simple and effective brand association at its best, with the result that I now crave chocolate and sunshine…

The campaign was developed by JWT Mexico and won two Gold Outdoor Lions at 2012 Cannes International Festival of Creativity, for Posters and Billboards.

Broken Desk - think Kit Kat

Broken phone - think Kit Kat


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