Lego and its 50 years down under

My parents each chose to neglect their 50th birthdays – their attitude very much “one cake, one day and let’s move on…”. Brands do the half-century anniversary quite differently, often rejoicing at their apparent market longevity (a plus given that most product launches end in failure) while playing the nostalgic card (in essence a “woop woop, see how far we have come”). Lego being different, chose to do neither.

Instead, to recognise their big 50 in Oz, the toy brand launched the Lego Festival of Play, and has been ‘planting’ lifesize Lego forests across Australia ever since. Apart from triggering obvious delight and even potentially setting a trend in the urban regeneration movement, in my mind this stunt has a second outcome – the humble landscape architecture of the Lego set (the spikey pine tree and oversized Tulip, which I used to chew) has been given a new lease of life, alongside its 66-times-greater proportions. Meanwhile, the Lego team keep on planting, building and no doubt playing…

Images courtesy of Creative Review

Lego celebrates 50 years in Australia

Australia's Living Desert Nature Reserve with a Lego twist


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