Autumn’s own alphabet

It is July and I already feel autumnal, that is if that word even exists. A cowardly sun and over-active clouds have given each day a lack of distinction – “wetter” or “colder” being the only regular comparatives that can be made, with the BBC weatherman looking increasingly sheepish (the bringer of bad news). However, a plus of this meteorological disarray is that I can post a Autumn-related post without it being inopportune or plain odd.
Today’s discussion being fallen leaves – imaginatively recognised as a source of inspiration, rather than shoe mush woes.

The graphic designer Twan van Keulen created this appealing ‘Falling leaves typography’ – the bronzed, peachy and marbled leaves of post-summer carefully cut to create an A, B and C. I particularly like how the stems are left on, and also the mixture of tones selected (van Keulen clearly has good taste when it comes to plants). Rather naively, I imagine van Keulen reading in his local park, a lone leaf falling onto his book, mid-page; but in reality, I think van Keulen is more of an optimist – making the most from a rain-drenched, wind-swept scenario, pen-knife in hand.


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