Hide the hunter

Encouraging passerbys to hurl coins at a poster seems unusually violent, but then so is seal-hunting and this magnetic billboard certainly levers enough public enthuisasm for the cause, as well as loose change. I am sure that British health and safety teams are quaking in their shiny boots at the thought of this idea catching on here.

The outdoor campaign is the work of Jung von Matt neue Elbe, Germany for an anti seal clubbing organisation called NOAH. The poster shows a hunter attacking an innocent seal, while the passers-by were encouraged to ‘make the seal killer disappear’ by throwing coins onto the poster – that is trusting that said audience have decent aim… Magnetic strips behind the poster enabled the coins to stick, thereby driving passerbys to give as well support team seal; and woe betide any victim caught within this copper and silver firing ground. Turning off the magnetic background allowed the coins to be collected easily so the process could start again, hunters dropping quite literally by the wayside. Naturally, I admire this campaign for its novelty, as well as for its boldness by putting the hunter bad-guy at the heart of its seal-saving mission. A meaningful way to empty your purse.

How could you resist becoming their saviour?


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