Slim Pickings

Crisps are my weakness – that is “chips” to you Americans, although English “chips” I like too. Something about the smell of salt and vinegar makes my mouth tingle and the word has a similar effect; onomatopoeia at its saliva-inducing best. Thankfully, designers are on the case and the modern obesity-fighting challenge merits the attention of many a creative brainstorm. On a simplistic level, these sessions spawn healthy eating mantras, the “do more exercise” guilt-trip; but arguably going from fat to thin requires more of a long-term, sustainable force – whereby healthy tastes good, and getting fit becomes fun. Slim Chips is such an example, where even the concepts of “good for you” and “natural” become questioned (the dieter’s worse nightmare).

Designed by designer Hafsteinn Juliusson of Iceland and Italy, Slim Chips is a range of snacks. They look like crisps, but (surprise surprise) they aren’t. Instead, like Baby Carrots, Slim Chips gives the enticing, eat-me provado of junk food, but without the calories. They have the crunch of a crisp, but without the salt count. Instead, the snacks are made of edible paper with organic colours and flavours in peppermint, blueberry and sweet potato. Their creator describes their taste as like “eating tasty air”, which in other words, means without much flavour. But even if that doesn’t sell them; maybe their name will.


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