Because it’s national night…

Singapore has a problem – its population is ageing and the babies aren’t coming. At least this is according to Mentos in the blunt but humorous song. Created by BBH Asia Pacific, the brand have applied some dubious logic to encourage Singaporeans to recognise their “civic duty” and make love, or fireworks to be exact. This unique solution to population policy evolving around the humble mento – the new aphrodisiac on the scene, blessing young couples with minty fresh breath and the subsequent power to pull…

I like how the advert ties a national sense of duty with a less serious and playful cue to passion, emotion and ahem, baby-making (again the lyrics work because they aren’t crude). The song is chock-full of local references, like “I’ll tap you all night like an EZ-Link card,” which refers to the transit card that is “tapped” at train station turnstiles – in essence a SE Asia and transport version of “shake it like a polaroid picture”. Similarly its release on 9th August, Singapore’s National Day, gave it a further sense of intimacy. Ultimately, this personal flavour and song’s tone and copy-led creative makes Mentos more the energetic and supportive older friend (think “go for it…” words of encouragement at the school disco) and less the intimidating and condescending aunt. Besides, surely challenging viewers to procreate to make the Mentos baby, is the ultimate force of branding?

Let's make babies - Mentos encourages Singaporeans


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