The professional caffeine addict

When someone mentions the booming “coffee culture”, the first thought is supposedly of sipping lattes at an independent coffee house, chilling with friends to the aroma of a Costa Rican brew; or even the Starbuck (love or hate it) takeover of the British highstreet, corner shop and even airline.

However, now working, my relationship with the humble coffee bean has changed – in fact, the bean has been replaced by the rough, caffeinated grain of Nescafe Instant; loaded with milk to conceal the bitterness. My relationship has transformed from one of honeymoon intimacy and enjoyment, to one of professional dependency. In other words, I need caffeine to work, to exchange my first words in the office over a mug of something vaguely comforting and increasingly strong. The drink now has a slightly medicinal property – always drunk at 9.15am, one and a half tablespoons – a supposed never-fails option to improve my mood or productivity. However, the fact that I now need it makes me something of addict, but globally I am not alone. Welcome to coffee drinkers anonymous.

A new survey by Dunkin’ Donuts and CareerBuilder has revealed what kind of professionals need a boost in the workplace; and it looks like similarly-minded people drink as well as work alike.

According to the survey, hotel workers, attorneys and judges are most likely to take their coffee black. Human resources professionals and personal caretakers are most likely to have it with cream and sugar, while editors/writers, government professionals and teachers are most likely to add flavor to their coffee.

This puts me somewhere between a writer and a personal caretaker (whatever that may be). The results in full can be seen in the infographic below.

Coffee drunk by profession


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