A puppet shop in Prague

To photograph or not to photograph? That is the continuous question when you have an SLR camera slung round your neck like a badge saying “tourist” – and very often I cannot resist. However, occasionally in the aftermath, 20 photos down of one sunset bridge, I challenge their necessity. Likewise, there are those moments where assuming the role of the photographer, as opposed to harmless bystander, seems inappropriate – when going “paparazzi” equates to social fail. The Nikon DX5000 is certainly not celebated for its subtleness or timid flash. In these instances, I frequently have to force myself to “man up”, be unashamed of my inner Man Ray, and snap away…

And just sometimes, like in this charming puppet shop of Charles Bridge in Prague – fortunately at the time empty of people – the photos can be worth it. I did not end up buying on that sunny July day – my puppeteer skills being non-existent and my Czech Crown dwindling; but the images recall plenty of memories.
4 days in Prague, one camera, 124 photos and an urging to re-watch Pinocchio.

Inside a Puppet Shop in Prague

A range of puppets on show in the Prague shop

Colourful and wooden puppets

A daschund dog puppet

Expertly crafted puppets in Prague

Old men puppets complete with wooly beards


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