Simply pants

It seems wrong to write a post on just pants, even if any blogging integrity is tarnished within the mutterings, opinions and moans that constitute this blog. Nevertheless, underwear and advertising is this evening’s point of call – with these keywords unusually not referring to Beckham a la nude.

Instead, it is an advertising venture in Japan that is creating blushes, shifty glances and perhaps the odd surprised giggle. Offering freebies with a catch (alas there always is), a Japanese company are going crotch-focused with ad-supported underwear. Customers are able to order 7 pairs of pants free, with the unusual premise that these come logo-laden – a corporate, consumer-driven shock awaiting those who dare to get closer; or perhaps adding to the reveal for those a little less body-conscious.

The question is whether the idea will catch on? Or, as the old saying goes, “there is no such word as free”? What do you think? Please bare all in the poll below.


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