Sorry Harry

After 10 days spent desk-bound, strepsil-laden, wine-cuffed and gawking at Harry’s royal regions alongside the Paralympic coverage, blogging has taken a non-medal 4th place. One must try harder. However, with the throat clearing and detox week currently on course; in addition to the closing ceremony tonight (yours truly to be among the 80,000 attending), the inevitable backlash of posts will follow.

First though, let me draw your attention to these witty and topical ads by BBH for Lynx. Perfect copy and simplicity ensure that their tone is more chirpy than crude, while the minimal references to the brand present Lynx as quite a different kind of deodorant package… a whiff of confidence meets stag do, without a citrus scent or anti-perspirant claim in sight.

Lynx apologies to Harry advert

Harry's pants for Lynx


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