No place like home

Like the wicked witch of the West, I have always lusted after Dorothy’s sparkling red shoes. Short of learning to disapparate (a Harry Potter step up), the functionality of travelling instantaneously and with ease would save much angst, time and money on the eventful 3am ride home, or fraught airport check-in. Additionally, a quick click of the heels combined with a bold feel for footwear and fashion (blue gingham), only fuels this yearning. Yet while instant travel may remain a fantasy, British shoe designer Dominic Wilcox has taken the mantle of design-fairy by creating the GPS-enabled shoe, fit for the yellow brick road.

No place like home shoes

The ‘No place like home’ shoes have LEDs in the toes that guide its user home – my only concern being that you will go pigeon-toed and lamp-post struck by staring at them. The two shoes communicate wirelessly to each other, with one containing GPS technology embedded in the heel and an antenna in the red ankle tag (the colour red being used to reference Oz throughout). Custom-made software then calculates the distance and direction to home according to an earlier uploaded location – the LEDs flashing and lighting up accordingly as you go, with potentially frustrating repercussions if you go the wrong way, or that sneaky dark alley ‘shortcut’ suddenly looks a bit grim.

Dominic Wilcox's 'No place like home' shoes

LEDs show the direction and distance to walk

Nevertheless, I like how the idea fuses the occasional dichtomies of technology and fashion, mobility and location into something both wearable and useable; while also alluding to a storybook classic. It is only a shame that the shoes do not come with a heel, or glitter…


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