The cat that got the cream (and the car)

It is one of life’s ironies that I work on a car account. To clarify it took me four attempts to pass my driving test, and the nearest thing to me owning my first car is my Oyster car and my contribution to the driver’s Wine Gums stash. However, every now and again, something ‘petrolhead post-able’ turns up – headlights on, steaming up my mirror of automotive competitive reporting and causing me to up a gear in the pre-lunch energy stakes. Yes, without cramming in every worthy car metaphor out there, today’s four-wheeled find got me both purring and revving at my seat.

The advert is for the 2013 Toyota Corolla from Saatchi & Saatchi New Zealand (and its resident cat haters/dog lovers). It features a world-first – the cat that loves cars. An unfortunate moggy with so much ‘amore’ for the new Corolla (in a matching ginger tinge), that it risks its nine lives to get a ride. Lawnmower, concrete, dogs – this cat makes even the most lovestruck Rom-com ‘hero’ look non-committal; while the car comes off as the silent temptress. Besides the obvious humour to this advert, I love how the creative touches on that weird, wonderful and tedious truth of cats in cars – that constant mewww (cat whine), the clawing through the bars, the faint whiff of feline in the backseat – a life without which makes this advert all the more refreshing.


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