One vision of Narnia

I used to watch the film ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ with a mixture of fascination and horror. I loved the tree nymphs and talking beavers, but could hardly watch the witches, goblins and evil other(s) shaving Aslan’s fur. These likings and loathings have partially remained as I continue to fear the hairdresser, but also enjoy being outdoors – the ‘city girl’ meets nature. Growing up in London, I have always viewed the countryside as the antithesis to my daily lifestyle – the tube replaced by tractors, the National Portrait Gallery substituted by a real-life landscape. In essence, I have an idealised and exaggerated view of nature, one not mirrored in my daily experiences- that of walking the dog, or taking a shortcut across Hyde Park. London is full of parks, trees and hidden green gems; and this post hopefully alludes to that as I applaud the artistry of Clement Briend – the man who makes trees come to life; although in this instance in Paris.

By using multiple light projections, the French artist transposes images onto a backdrop of trees – the texture of the leaves producing a striking effect, alongside a slightly eerie glow. I like how Briend quite literally takes the vitality of his surrounding environment, and then gives it a theatrical face. Narnia obviously springing to my mind; and a slight Father Christmas vibe from image 2. As Briend himself admits inspiration sprung from fusing reality with the surreal –

“I always wanted to photograph the world without it being too faithful to what it is. I always imagined devices that can transform and intervene with the light in things that I photograph. the focus became photographs that include projections and hence the idea of doing shows with projected images.”

I suggest checking out designboom for further details (largely technical) and images – as, in a Narnia sort of way, I am making my way through the metaphorical ‘wardrobe’ (pjs) and into bed.


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