Only in LA

This title is a bit of a lie, but then I am in a deceptive kind of mood – my answer to a bad day at work to put my headphones on all afternoon and pretend “all is ok… no I don’t want tea”. I am one of those people who keep emotions on hold, bottled like a Diet Coke, until a rare Mento falls in; and everything explodes. However, self-analysis over, what I really wanted to point out is the work of photographer, or more truthfully – global artist, Stephanie Gonot.

Her series ‘Edibles‘ epitomises the faked, fast and frivolousness of the modern food culture – Fruit Loops and Subway Sandwiches snapped in colourful, carb-inducing angles; mugshots of the ‘villains’ of our obesity-defined times. Looking at them, I do not know whether to eat (snack on those remaining salt & vinegar crisps in the kitchen cupboard) or turn to the sorry-looking cabbage in the fridge. The images in a sense glorify the sugars and salts of America’s biggest and best-loved brands, while also making them look even more artificial and unhealthy than they really are – edible, but only just. Ultimately, I get the feeling that Stephanie is skinny and, in an “only in LA” sense, experiences temptation and ironies in the environment around her. Cactus icecream being a case in point… What do you think?

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