Thought gold

I don’t know what got me reminiscing about the Olympics. It could have been attending my first engagement party last night, which largely transformed into a university reunion (bar a few roses in the corner and my feeble attempt to write an endearing but not cheesy engagement card); or my dad’s sabotage of my camera (as part of a pre-retirement crisis). Nevertheless, my mood today has been a reflective and nostalgic one; and since I forgot to put Olympic and Paralympic photos up at the time, here they are (2-3 months later).

I have chosen my top 11 images (no easy decision as I am shockingly snap-happy behind the lens) covering table tennis, hockey, Olympic Park and the Paralympic closing ceremony. I hope they illustrate the spectacle that I was fortunate enough to witness and, without sounding like a broken record, well done team GB!

First Round table tennis at the Excel Centre – who knew that there were 3 courts?!

The picturesque Olympic Park

The band accompaniment to the Riverside Stadium for the hockey

GB vs. Argentina (the former thankfully won)

A colour-coordinated sunset

The Olympic Stadium at night

The show begins – the start of the Paralympic Closing ceremony

A wonderful use of lighting surrounding the Paralympic logo

All the nations united – a great visual metaphor for London 2012

I have never seen so much colour in one place!

Ending with a bang (as well as a bit of Coldplay)


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